You Might Need a Root Canal if you Have One of These 7 Signs

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Knowing whether you need a root canal without consulting a dentist can be cumbersome. Detecting the need for a root canal during the early stages can be problematic. Will a better oral hygiene routine offer a solution or will the tooth require some dental work? A trained dental professional can answer these questions. Wondering if you need a root canal treatment in Calgary? Feel free to contact us at Expressions Dental

A root canal is a treatment offered to save and repair teeth that are severely infected or decayed. The pulp of the tooth comprises of blood vessels and nerves. When this pulp is damaged, it needs to be removed, and the insides of the tooth are then cleaned and sealed with a root canal treatment.

The physical symptoms that might indicate that you need a root canal usually do not come up until the issue becomes more advanced. That is why it is essential to visit a dentist regularly. But if you avoid these symptoms and cause the problem to escalate, then you will have a potential root canal on your hands. Here are 7 signs you might need a root canal:

1) Persistent pain:

Pain is one of the key markers that something isn’t right with your tooth. If you experience difficulty doing ordinary activities, for example, drinking or eating without feeling pain, you should consider visiting your dentist as soon as you can.

2) Chipped/Cracked Tooth:

You can suffer from a chipped or cracked tooth from being involved in contact sports, eating hard foods or even clenching and grinding. When your tooth gets chipped/cracked, the pulp inside the tooth may be exposed which may lead to an infection. This infection may require root canal treatment to avoid further complications.

3) Heat or cold sensitivity:

If your tooth hurts when you drink hot beverages such as tea or coffee, or when indulging in cold foods and drinks, you might need a root canal to fix the problem. Damaged blood vessels and nerves are to be blamed for the ache.

4) Swollen gums:

Swollen gums are an indication of issues underneath the surface. If your gums are painful and are inflamed or have a raised bump on them, your dentist will look at the swollen gums for the cause. Sometimes, the dentist will suggest a root canal to solve the problem

5) Discolored teeth:

Damaged nerves, exposure to food and drinks that stain the teeth’s enamel or poor dental hygiene can lead to discoloration of teeth. Damage to nerve and blood vessels may require root canal treatment.

6) Prolonged tooth sensitivity:

If putting pressure on your tooth causes it to hurt and that sensation lasts for weeks or months, then you might be in line for a root canal treatment. Prolonged tooth sensitivity is generally resolved with root canal treatment.

7) Deep decay:

If a cavity is ignored for far too long, it will spread deep into the nerve of the tooth. Once it goes deep, no amount of brushing, flossing, or rinsing with mouthwash will solve the problem. In such cases, a root canal treatment is a solution to repair and save the tooth.

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