IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is also known as conscious sedation and is recommended for procedures and is available for patients with high stress undergoing any dental treatments.

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We provide Sedation dental options
We provide BOTOX treatments for headaches, TMJ and to reduce wrinkles
You receive a personalized Experience
We provide customized Treatment Options
We give comprehensive dental services in one location
We do direct billing to insurance companies
We are a family oriented dental clinic
We focus on patient’s care & satisfaction
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Heading to the dentist probably isn’t on your ‘favorite things to do’ list. After all, the fear of visiting a dentist is quite common. Therefore, IV Sedation in Dentistry is a way to help reverse your perception of going to the dentist. Dental sedation techniques can calm your anxiety down and can get you through surgical treatments with ease.

What exactly is IV Sedation?

IV (Intravenous) sedation is a conventional method of anti-anxiety wherein the sedative is directly injected into a vein. This technique allows our general dentist to give more profound sedation, even though you will still be awake, however less aware of the process. The procedure needs recovery time after you leave the clinic. IV Sedation in Dentistry, offered by Expressions Dental, can help you with your dental anxiety. IV sedation comes in handy when sedating the patient during procedures like tooth extractions and dental implants. An IV sedation is an effective alternative to traditional pain management permits patients to get through a difficult process comfortably and has several other benefits that include:

What are the benefits of IV sedation in Dentistry?

The benefits of this IV sedation include:

Not everyone is eligible for IV sedation. You will need to book a consult with Dr David to assess your medical status. Sometimes you may need a consult with your family doctor as well.

What’s the process of IV sedation?

  1. Schedule an appointment:
    If you’d like to go ahead with IV sedation in Calgary for tooth extractions or implant placement, you will need to schedule an appointment with us. Choose a suitable time that works for you and come down to Expressions Dental for a consultation.
  2. A consultation:
    One of our general dentists will evaluate your dental health and will discuss whether you are eligible for IV sedation in Dentistry. Sometimes, you may need a consult with your family doctor as well.
  3. Your Treatment:
    After the consultation, if you are eligible, then you will be scheduled for your procedure via IV sedation with Dr D. David.
  4. Billing and finance:
    We are committed to making dental care convenient and accessible for all our patients; therefore, we provide direct billing and several other finance options.

Who’s eligible for IV sedation?

Not everyone is eligible for IV sedation. You will need to book a consultation with our dentists to assess your medical status. At times, you may need to consult with your family doctor, as well.
If you would like to learn more about IV Sedation in Dentistry in Calgary, feel free to give us a call or visit our clinic.

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