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Zoom Teeth whitening is an effective way to brighten your smile.
Schedule wisdom teeth removal treatment at Expressions Dental™ Clinic.

We provide walk-in dental and emergency services during our working hours to try and cater to your needs.

Our dentists aim to save your teeth in every possible manner and want tooth extraction to be the last resort.

Invisalign braces are an option to align teeth without metal braces.
Periodontal disease is usually painless and hard to detect in it’s early stage.
A dental emergency can be an issue involving your oral health that needs treatment or attention immediately
Customized and thin shells of ceramic material that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth
Includes preparation of the implant site, tooth extraction, and bone grafting.
Used to repair the function of decayed teeth or teeth damaged from trauma.
Dental Crowns are primarily manufactured teeth.
A prosthetic appliance, which literally bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth.
Dental inlays & onlays are services to protect teeth while improving smile.
The doors of our family dental clinic in Calgary NW are always open for everyone.
We offer dental care for children to embrace a healthy oral hygiene routine and make it look fun.
A useful diagnostic tool that helps the general dentist to identify damage and disease that are not visible during regular dental.
It is a non-surgical treatment for reducing wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines.
Microneedling is a procedure used to reduce signs of aging on the face, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
TMJ are the joints and jaw muscles, which make it possible to open and close your mouth.
Sedation options are available for patients who have any sort of anxiety.
It is a conventional method of anti-anxiety wherein the sedative is directly injected into a vein.
This type of sedation is also known as “laughing gas” which is used as a conscious sedative during a dental visit.
Oral sedation is an effective alternative and can be useful for nervous patients for dental procedures.
We provide in-office and take home teeth whitening options depending on what will suit you.
We make customize Take Home Teeth Whitening Trays for touch-ups.
It is among the most common dental issues and one of the vital reasons for tooth loss in adults.
A dental hygienist offers thorough visual examinations and monitors gum and bone health.
A teeth cleaning removes plaque, tartar buildup and staining from your teeth and improves your dental health.
Partial dentures are a detachable or removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.
It is a type of over-denture, which is supported by and attached to dental implants.
We provide same day emergency dental care.

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