Why Do Dentists Suggest Root Canal Treatment?

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What is a root canal treatment?

In simple terms, a root canal treatment is done if the core of your tooth is infected. You are treated for it, when the nerve of your tooth is infected, decayed, or dead.

Symptoms of root canal:

  • Sore and swollen gums
  • Severe toothache
  • Sensitivity, pain while eating or drinking
  • Facial swelling
  • Change of tooth color
  • Hot/cold sensitivity

Why do you need a root canal treatment?

The root canal is basically the space at the core of your tooth that holds the dental pulp. The dental pulp contains the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues that can get infected if your tooth is damaged due to injury or decay. Once the dental pulp is infected, it can spread to the root canal and you might suffer excruciating pain. If it is left unchecked it may intensify and it could form a pus-filled abscess. The infection can spread into your jawbone and destroy supporting structures around your teeth. Root canal therapy is the complete removal of the dental pulp tissue in your root canal and filling the canal spaces with an inert material to prevent reinfection.

Some people who are anxious and nervous about the root canal treatment usually don’t have complete knowledge about the procedure. By discussing it with your dentist, you may be able to alleviate any concerns you have. Root canal therapy helps to relieve the pain and dental suffering and saves your teeth.

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