What to do if Tooth is pushed out of Position?

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If your tooth is loosened and pushed out of position, call your dentist right away for an emergency dental appointment. In the meantime, you can follow these steps to prevent further damage:

  • Attempt to reposition the tooth to its normal alignment using very light finger pressure, but do not force the tooth.
  • Bite down to keep the tooth from moving.
  • Bite gently on gauze to keep tooth in place, and/or prepare soft orthodontic wax molded over several teeth to temporarily stabilize teeth.
  • Eat soft food and avoid disturbing the tooth while eating.
  • Your dentist may splint the tooth in place to the two healthy teeth next to the loose tooth.

If the tooth has come out and you can’t place it back into socket then save it carefully. Do not touch the root of the tooth. To protect the tooth, keep it in moist condition by immersing it in saline solution or milk. Do not try to clean the tooth by rubbing of it.

Once your tooth has been repositioned, you need to take special care to brush your teeth gently for a few weeks. You also need to make sure that you take medications as prescribed by your dentist in order to prevent infection. Try to avoid chewing with the tooth and, watch for signs of infection such as swelling or redness.

What to do when a baby tooth is pushed out of position

For a baby tooth that has been moved out of its normal position, the dentist will possibly has to remove the tooth to prevent further damage to the developing adult tooth that is forming underneath it

Your dentist may recommend a children’s pain killer to relieve pain. Keep your child on a soft diet for 2 weeks to prevent further damage. Contact us at Expressions Dental if you have any other questions or if symptoms get worse.

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