The Significance of Including Gums in Your Daily Oral Hygiene

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A lot of people aren’t aware that taking care of your gums are just as important as taking care of your teeth. Often people ignore the most common sign of gingivitis, bleeding gums. Bleeding gums should be taken seriously as it will progress and can lead to periodontal disease.

If you suffer from periodontal disease, means that you are starting to loss the supporting structures around the teeth i.e. bone and gum tissue. This can ultimately lead to tooth loss if untreated.

Following are a few simple ways to take care of your gums –

  • Start using a soft bristled toothbrush. Plaque is soft so it doesn’t require hard bristles to remove. Hard bristles can cause recession of the gums. Your dental hygienist can recommend the correct way of brushing.

  • It is very important to brush for a proper length of time and majority of people fail to do that. Most people will just brush for a minute, which is not enough to take care of your teeth and gums. You must at brush for two minutes, twice a day.

  • Flossing plays a vital part of your oral hygiene, but not everyone does it. When you first start flossing, you may notice that your gums bleed, that is because they are not healthy. Healthy gums do not bleed. As you floss more and more, your gums will get healthier and your bleeding should stop.

  • Also, you should know how to correctly floss. You should wrap the floss around your middle fingers so that your index finger is free, to properly guide the floss around your teeth and slightly under your gums. This helps you in having more control and you can reach the places where your brush cannot reach, without injuring yourself or your gums.

These few simple steps in taking care of your gums will help in reducing gum inflammation and may help improve your breath. Make an appointment at Expressions Dental™ Clinic in Calgary and learn more about the importance of your gum care from our dental professionals. Call us at +1 (403) 252 7733.

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