The Importance of Choosing The Right Toothbrush

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When you talk about good and healthy oral care, choosing the right kind of toothbrush is a vital aspect of it. A toothbrush is a primary and an important element in everyone’s daily lives and is vital in maintaining your oral hygiene. There are countless options of toothbrushes out there and every company claims to have the best toothbrush for dental care. How do you pick the right one from the options available? Which one is the best toothbrush that will suit your teeth? Let us make your decision-making task a bit simpler.

Choosing the right toothbrush
During your dental visit, your hygienist or dentist can help with a recommendation. He/she can inform you which toothbrush would be right for your teeth and gums. You can go through the following general tips that might prove helpful.

  • Size
    The size of your toothbrush is important. It should match the size of your mouth and still move skillfully to reach all of your teeth. Hence, it is significant to use a toothbrush that accurately cleans your teeth. Now, the adult teeth are larger in size, therefore you should use the one that is made for adults. Also, see to it that your toothbrush has a long handle that helps you in holding the brush easily and efficiently.
  • Shape
    Buy a toothbrush that has a pointed top, rather than a flat rectangle top. The pointed top is good for cleaning the tight corners and behind the teeth.
  • Bristles
    Hard bristles are not always necessary and good for your teeth. In fact, if you brush your teeth vigorously with medium or hard bristled brush, it can cause damage to your gum, the root surface, or the protective enamel of the teeth. Angled and crisscrossed bristles may help to get into and clean the crevices between your teeth.

Replacing your toothbrush often is also an essential thing to do, like the other things that you do in your life. Your toothbrush has the mucky task of cleaning your teeth and therefore over time, bacteria can accumulate on it due to daily use. Hence, you should change your toothbrush every three months. Also, if you notice that the bristles are wearing or worn out, you need to buy a new toothbrush.

Hope, these conducive tips about how to decide to buy a new toothbrush has been useful. If you need help about buying the right brush for your teeth and gums, you may contact us at Expressions Dental Clinic in Calgary.

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