How to Know You Need Dental Fillings?

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Dental fillings are a dental procedure that is used to restore the structure and the function of your tooth that has been lost, decayed, or damaged. You might not be aware that dental fillings are one of the oldest dental techniques which have been around since the early 1500s. Dental fillings play an important role in restoring cavities and dental problems, which if not treated, can cause more serious dental issues over the course of time.

Dental fillings typically are made from the materials such as amalgam, which is a hybrid form of alloys like silver, mercury, and tin or they are made of composite materials such as resin and glass. Fillings can also be made of porcelain, ceramic and even out of gold. The important question is how do you know that you require dental fillings?

If you notice any kind of pain or dental discomfort with your teeth, you should visit your dentist immediately. Following are a few symptoms which may indicate the need for dental fillings.

  • General throbbing or sharp pain in your tooth
  • You feel pain while eating, especially while biting or chewing
  • You notice holes or dark spot on a tooth
  • You might suffer from tooth sensitivity especially when you eat or drink anything hot or cold or even sweet, sour, or sticky food
  • Your tooth is chipped or fractured
  • You find food constantly getting stuck on or between certain teeth
  • You find your tooth’s texture to be coarse or rough
  • Every time you floss, the string always tears around the same tooth
  • You lose your tooth filling
  • Your existing tooth filling is cracked or broken.

If you find any of the above mentioned symptoms and you think you might need dental fillings then make an appointment at Expressions™ Dental Clinic in Calgary by calling at +1 (403) 252 7733.

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