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You may protect your teeth from all possible dental damage by keeping meticulous dental hygiene, but at some point in life, you may experience tooth discomfort. Most of the time toothaches are caused by tooth cavities, but there can be multiple other causes

  • Sensitive Teeth: Sharp pain while eating or drinking something is a sign of tooth sensitivity, in some cases it can be caused by a cavity too. Usually, teeth are sensitive to extremely hot, cold, sweet and sour foods and beverages. Teeth become sensitive as a result of a loss of tooth enamel or gum recession.
  • Sinus Infection: Some toothaches occur due to existing sinus infection. Sinusitis can cause pain on the side of your face and upper teeth. This type of pain originates due to nasal congestion and softening around sinuses.
  • Dental Injury: You can experience mild to an extreme toothache as a result of a dental injury. A dental injury can be caused by an accident, falling, or during sports. Injuries can range from minor to major causing tooth fracture, tooth infection, disorientation, swelling and loss of teeth.
  • Wisdom Teeth: The eruption of wisdom teeth can be agonizing, it can produce effects that cause mild pain, pressure and gum throbbing. In rare cases, the pain can get serious if the wisdom teeth that are coming up intersect with nerves and other teeth are impacted.
  • Dental Cavity: A cavity is formed as a result of bacterial activity on the surface of teeth. Dental cavities do not grow overnight and can take months or even years to develop. Untreated and unmonitored cavities can cause toothaches, change in tooth structure, tooth infection and loss of the tooth.

Tooth pain can be caused by a tooth cavity, infection, injury, decay, chemical reaction, damaged/cracked tooth and other causes. By now you may have gained an understanding of the causes of a general toothache. Never wait for a toothache to go away on it’s own, seek immediate help if you experience a stabbing tooth pain.

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