Can You Use Mouthwash After A Tooth Implant?

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Using mouthwash is a common habit, plenty of people use mouthwash every day. It helps in cleaning oral surfaces and killing bacteria and other infections. What about mouthwash after a dental implant? Following a dental implant, you should be cautious about using a mouthwash, as the fresh tooth and its surrounding are fragile.

What is a tooth implant?

A tooth implant is a procedure that supports a dental restoration by replacing the missing tooth
with a fixed or removable tooth on a titanium screw.

The Dental implant is a complicated process, you should avoid the following after implant surgery:

1. Consuming food that is too hot (24 hours)
2. Rigorous workout or physical activity (48 hours)
3. Sipping liquids too close to the fresh implant
4. Touching the implant site with the tongue or fingers
5. Chewing tobacco or smoking

Talking about dental hygiene, it is necessary for you to clean your mouth even after the implant
treatment. Good oral hygiene will expedite the healing process and protect it from bacteria and
other infections. After the implant procedure is completed, your dentist may give you a medicated
mouthwash which can be used within the recovery time frame. Make sure to use the mouthwash
as per the directions of your dentist.

In the initial week, avoid using very harsh mouthwashes or toothpaste, use the mouthwash given
by your dentist or lukewarm salt water. It may not taste good, but it is very useful for oral health
and assists healing. You can resume brushing your teeth the next day after surgery, but stay
cautious and avoid hurting the implant site.

In case of any confusion please contact a dentist. Only when the tooth implant is completely
healed you can get back to your normal toothpaste and mouthwash. However, your dentist may
suggest a better alternative depending on your oral condition.

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