Why Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

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If you have your regular dental appointments, then wisdom teeth are first noticed in x-rays conducted during your dental checkup. Often dentists will notice them as they begin to erupt through the gums. But why does it become necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

One of the reasons why wisdom teeth need to be removed is because there might not be enough room in your mouth for these third molars to fit in. Hence, regular visits to your dentist for dental checkups are important to detect any dental problems. If your wisdom teeth erupt and there is a lack of space in your mouth, then they can get stuck in your bone. When this happens, your wisdom teeth are referred to as being impacted.

Sometimes wisdom teeth will need to be removed even if there is enough room in the mouth. The may develop decay or gum disease as reaching them with a toothbrush and floss can be difficult.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth erupt fine and there may be no reason to remove them. If you have healthy wisdom teeth which cause no problems, then your dentist may recommend you not to remove them.

Regular visits to your dentist helps you to keep your oral health in check, keep your mouth healthy, and detect any potential dental problems with your wisdom teeth before the problem aggravates. If you want to get your wisdom teeth checked, then schedule an appointment at Expressions Dental™ Clinic in Calgary by calling at +1 (403) 252 7733. We are here to address your dental issue.

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