When It Is Necessary To Extract A Tooth?

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There are various steps that are considered and taken to fix your dental problem such as tooth decay before tooth extraction remains the only option. The only way to avoid such oral health issues and dental treatment is to simply prevent dental problems in the first place. Your regular dental visits help in improving and enhancing your dental health. These regular visits help you in offering good oral hygiene, and if a cavity is starting to form, then your dentist will want to treat it immediately and prevent further problems.

An extraction of your tooth is the last and final resort taken which happens when your tooth cannot be saved and its infection might pose a health threat. The most common cause of tooth loss originates from periodontal disease.

What makes a tooth extraction indispensable?

If periodontal disease remains untreated and progresses, supporting tissues around the tooth are lost. The tooth may become mobile and you may also suffer from acute or chronic infections. You may also suffer damage to the supporting structures of the adjacent teeth.

Another reason is if the decay has progressed too much or the tooth has broken in a way that the tooth becomes unrestorable.

Why should you replace a lost tooth?

If you lose a tooth by extraction, you should consider replacing it. Dental treatment is important as it will restore your lost tooth and your function. Biting and chewing can becomes difficult. The functional issues that you will face may eventually start putting strain on your jaw.

Your dentist will provide you treatment options to prevent tooth extraction. The best step is prevention. Make sure you maintain regular cleaning and check up appointments and if a problem arises, see your dentist immediately. You can schedule an appointment at Expressions Dental™ Clinic in Calgary by contacting us at +1 (403) 252 7733.

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