Tips To Follow After Root Canal Treatment

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When a tooth is damaged due to decay or infection, a root canal treatment may be done to save the tooth. The root canal treatment can be completed in a single visit or may require multiple visits to the dentist.

As a part of the procedure, local anesthesia is given to the patient to numb the infected tooth. Then, a rubber dam is placed to isolate the tooth and prevent contamination. Next, the canal or canals are accessed through a hole made on the top of the tooth so that the canals can be thoroughly cleaned, and filled. The hole is then sealed with a filling. The procedure does not affect tooth functionality and preserves the natural tooth. Ensure to follow your doctor’s instructions to maintain optimum oral health after a root canal.

Following are tips to follow after root canal treatment.

Take medicines as directed:

You have already experienced the agony of an infected tooth. Therefore, take medication as directed by your dentist to avoid any further complications.

Assess your pain levels:

The sharp pain and discomfort you may feel after a root canal treatment usually goes away in a few days. However, if your pain does not go away and is not getting milder, contact your dentist for advice.

Keep the infected area clean:

Cleanliness is primary to the healing of a root canal, ensure that the tooth and gums surrounding the infected area stay clean all the time. Brush and floss your teeth daily to help maintain proper oral hygiene.

Do not put pressure on the infected tooth:

The newly root canaled tooth may be tender for the first few days, so avoid putting excess pressure while grinding or chewing food. Try using a night guard to protect your teeth during sleep. While eating, try not to chew food from the side where you recently had a root canal.

Follow a soft diet:

After undergoing a root canal treatment avoid consuming any food that is hard to chew, crunchy or crispy. Follow a soft diet for a few days while the tissues around your tooth heal.

Opt for root canal treatment only after proper diagnosis and consultation with a dentist. Expressions Dental™ Clinic offers Root Canal Treatment to residents of Calgary and surrounding areas. When you visit our clinic, we will assess, diagnose and give you treatment options to relieve your dental problem.

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