How To Take Care After A Dental Implant Treatment?

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There are a lot of patients missing one or more teeth. They once had to select from options such as partials dentures or bridges. Now there is the option of dental implants.

If you are missing one or more teeth you should consult with a dentist to see if you are an eligible candidate for tooth implants. Unlike other options, the treatment replaces the whole tooth including the root. A dental implant is placed into the jawbone and capped with a crown. Since it is a surgical procedure, you need to take care of yourself after the dental implant treatment.

The dental care tips given below can assist you in doing so:

1) Resting:

Avoid doing any physical activities on the day of treatment as it can cause throbbing and encourage bleeding. In case bleeding persists, you must contact your dentist.

2) Encourage healing:

After dental implant treatment, do not rinse your mouth and try not to disturb treated side with your fingers or tongue for the rest of the day. Doing so may cause bleeding by dislodging any sutures that have been placed. Do not spit, smoke or suck on straws. It can slow down the healing process.

3) Eating and Drinking:

It is vital to avoid hot drinks, alcohol and hot or spicy food. Restrict any kind of consumption until the local anesthetic has worn off. Try eating nourishing food. Turn to a regular diet after 7-10 days. You must make sure you stay hydrated adequately. It will help your tissues heal more quickly and with fewer complications.

The above-mentioned tips, if followed correctly, can help you heal quickly after dental implant treatment. If anyone wishes to get additional information regarding this or are planning to undergo the procedure, you can visit Expressions Dental™ Clinic in Calgary. You can book an appointment at +1 (403) 252 7733 and consult the team of dentists.

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