Drinking after Wisdom Teeth Removal: Do’s and Don’ts

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Wisdom teeth removal is not a simple process as it is surgery and there is healing time involved. To avoid post surgical complications, you should follow instructions carefully.

First Few Days After Wisdom Teeth Removal

To remove your teeth your dentist or oral surgeon may have to cut your gum or bone. If this happens, he/she will stitch the wound so that it heals faster. These stitches usually dissolve in a few days or may have to be removed depending on the type of sutures used. Once your wisdom tooth is removed you may experience swelling and soreness around it for first few days and you should completely avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours after surgery.

You are advised to remain well hydrated during recovery to keep your mouth moist and clots intact. You should stay away from carbonated drinks, alcohol and soda because they can dislodge and weaken blood clots formed as a part of the healing process after surgery. Do not use a straw while drinking liquids as the sucking motion can create pressure and damage blood clots. To satisfy your hunger, you should consume food that is soft, liquid, cool and does not require chewing.

Some Days After Wisdom Teeth Removal

As the pain fades, drinking alcohol might appear harmless, but if you are still taking painkillers, mixing the two can lead to complications beyond oral problems and can deter the healing process. When you are already suffering from substantial pain, drinking can make you drowsy and susceptible to accidents, fall, and liver damage. Make sure that you read instructions that come with the painkiller, drink alcohol only after completing the prescribed medication dosage.

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