Different Types of Dental Crowns

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Dental crown as the name suggests is a kind of tooth-shaped cap fixed onto a tooth for the
conservation of tooth structure. It is not removable. Dental crowns are designed to protect damaged teeth, enhance appearance, strengthen the tooth, extend tooth life and manage

After the tooth is prepared and adequate tooth structure is removed, an impression is taken of the tooth or teeth that will be crowned. A temporary crown will be placed until the permanent crown is fabricated. Permanent dental crowns are prepared in a dental laboratory whereas temporary crowns can be prepared in your dentist’s office.

Why do you need a dental crown?

  • To protect a frail tooth from breaking
  • To keep together parts of a cracked tooth
  • To restore an already damaged, broken, decayed or injured tooth
  • To cover a tooth after filling
  • To anchor a dental bridge
  • To cover discolored and misshaped tooth
  • To restore a dental implant

Different type of dental crowns

Ceramic — Ceramic crowns are used for protecting front teeth and are recognized for their
potential to blend with original tooth color. These crowns are made of porcelain material and are
good for people with metal allergies. They help in maintaining a natural dental look.

Porcelain-fused to metal – A hybrid dental crown that provides both aesthetics and strength. The crown is made of metal structure fused by a layer of porcelain over it.

Gold alloys – This crown is a blend of gold, copper and various other metals. It provides a solid
covering to the tooth and does not easily break or fracture.

The Procedure

The complete process of dental crown preparation and insertion requires 2 visits to the dentist.
During the first visit, the dentist conducts a thorough dental examination, followed by preparing
and fixing a temporary crown. During the second visit, the temporary crown is replaced by a
permanent crown.

We hope that this article about dental crowns has been helpful to you. Your dentist may assist you in selecting the dental crown for your needs after oral diagnosis.

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