Dental Problems You can Fix Yourself

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Dentists don’t usually recommend DIY dentistry for a variety of reasons, but there are a few dental issues that you can fix yourself without a visit to the dentist!

  1. Sensitive teeth –Some toothpastes are abrasive, especially whitening, tartar-control or baking soda toothpastes, which can make teeth sensitive. Stop using these toothpastes. Don’t brush too hard, which can lead to other dental problems, such as recessed gums. If pain persists, visit your dentist for a prescription fluoride treatment to toughen up your teeth.

  2. Lost tooth due to trauma – Gently rinse it off without rubbing and scrubbing and push it back in right away, then bite down gently on a soft cloth or moistened tea bag to hold it in place. Knocking out a tooth tears the periodontal ligaments, but some might still cling to the tooth. If reconnected early enough, they can reattach to the gums. See your dentist ASAP!

  3. Jaw soreness – If you have an aching pain in your jaw, it could happen due to teeth grinding, which can lead to pain in the jaw, headaches and more. Try exercising your jaw by moving it around gently. If you find yourself in a tense state with jaw locked, loosen up and take a few deep breaths to release that tension. At night, wear a mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding. If you are still having pain, talk to your dentist about other possible solutions.

  4. Gum pain – You can ease the pain by swishing peppermint tea or salt water around your mouth.

If you have questions about common dental issues, contact your dentist.

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