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Dental emergencies can occur anytime but our dentists are available. They often take place at times when we are least expecting them. Whether it is a chipped tooth or an emergency tooth extraction, our team of dentists and hygienists at Expressions Dental are available to help you cope with your dental emergency. Seeking professional help amid an emergency is the wisest decision one can take to minimize both physical and financial discomfort. Please call us at +1 (403) 252 7733 or e-mail us at info@expressionsdental.ca We can also bill your insurer as long as we can verify your coverage, or can help facilitate 0% financing making the process much less painful. Being an emergency dentist Calgary may sound like a specialization but we are general dentists and provide all emergency dental services. Emergency Dentist Calgary | Expressions Dental™ For your dental emergency in Calgary or nearby areas please reach out to us. 

Dental Staff at Expressions Dental

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about a dental emergency is intolerable pain which may be caused by bleeding or swollen gums, dental trauma, abscessed tooth, or any other dental issue. Not only is a dental emergency painful, but it may have a crippling effect on our day-to-day lives as well. Painful or bleeding gums may not only damage your confidence, but also impair your day-to-day activity of eating, chewing, or swallowing food as well. Contrary to what people think, a dental emergency is not caused by aging but is majorly due to neglect.

While it is difficult to categorize an emergency, however in situations where the pain shows no signs of subsiding, contacting your dentist at the earliest is recommended. Depending on the nature of the emergency, it may be possible to treat them in a single sitting or may require multiple sittings. Some commonly seen cases of dental emergencies are abscessed tooth, tooth trauma, broken or chipped tooth, and bitten lip or tongue. 

Though it is advisable to never allow a situation of an emergency to occur by following a proper dental health regimen and visiting your dentist at regular intervals. Some common good practices include minimizing consumption of acidic foods, sugary foods, foods containing sodium, carbohydrates, or saturated fats. Limiting alcohol and avoiding smoking, smokeless tobacco, or vaping will go a long way in maintaining optimum dental health. People engaged in sports that have a risk of injury are encouraged to wear a mouth guard to prevent dental injuries.

Just like the age-old saying, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, treating a dental emergency early is the key to a successful recovery. Visiting your dentist at the first sign of bleeding gums or in case of persistent bad breath can go a long way. While some emergencies can be treated by a dental hygienist, some emergencies need specialized care and are treated by a general dentist or an orthodontist. The course of the treatment would depend on the severity and immensity of the emergency. After an appointment is set up, a general dentist will examine your teeth and may take an x-ray as well to assess the severity of the condition. After thoroughly examining the condition the course of treatment is suggested to you.

Good dental care starts from a young age. The sooner we inculcate a good oral-hygiene regimen in children, the less likely they are to develop a dental emergency. Gum disease is a quite common dental problem, and seven out of ten Canadians may encounter it at some point in their lives. Plaque and tartar are the two biggest reasons for gum disease. A good oral care routine consists of flossing (an often neglected oral-care activity) at regular intervals, brushing twice daily, and a visit to your dentist periodically.  While nobody plans for an emergency or wants one in case you do find yourself face to face with an emergency, Expressions Dental is available for 24-hour emergency dental services in Calgary. Our team of general dentists would be happy to extend a helping hand during your time of distress.


Different type of Dental Emergencies that can happen

Accidents may cause severe damage to your teeth and may even result in tooth loss. The course of treatment is offered after examining the extent of the damage. 

A tooth abscess is a bacterial infection resulting in pus accumulation around different regions of the tooth. A throbbing toothache or a sensitive tooth are some symptoms of an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is a dental emergency that needs immediate professional examination as delaying its treatment may be life-threatening. At Expressions Dental, our team of dentists is available to treat this condition.

Food particles may often get trapped in between your teeth. During situations where the food particle cannot be easily removed or becomes painful, dental help maybe required.

A sudden fall or other trauma may lead to a knocked-out tooth. In this case, we recommend preserving the tooth in milk and seeking immediate dental care.

Biting into a hard food-particle may lead to your braces getting damaged or break. Wires protruding from the braces may also lead to discomfort.

Yes, we do look after patients who require root canal therapy. Depending on your condition we maybe able to help you get out of pain and Dr. Palmer focuses his dentistry just towards doing root canal treatments.

When the dental pulp gets diseased, decays, or is traumatized, an emergency root canal is often the recommended treatment. Some people think that an extraction is more preferable to a root canal. Do consult with your dentist to get an in-depth understanding of both procedures.

Infections often occur due to a lack of oral hygiene. Bleeding gums and swelling are some examples of tooth infections that may have catastrophic results if left untreated. 

An accidental tongue or lip bite or any cut to the cheek with excessive bleeding or with signs of infection needs professional intervention.


For such emergencies where the symptoms do not show any signs of subsiding, consulting a dentist is extremely important.

A dry socket is often an unwanted complication that may develop after a tooth extraction. It can be extremely painful. We strongly advise you that you should a dentist and get help.

Toothache is often a symptom of an underlying problem like tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, infected gums, or a damaged filling. Toothaches can lead to excruciating pain and an immediate visit to a dentist is recommended for a toothache emergency.

Poor oral hygiene, wear and tear or trauma may lead to crowns or fillings getting dislodged. If such a thing happens, please contact your dentist immediately.

Any other condition which may lead to pain or inflammation could be an emergency. Reaching out to your dentist is recommended.

At Expressions Dental we are well prepared to treat cases that require an emergency tooth extraction and help you with tooth replacement.


Treatment Options

The treatment for each condition will vary from person to person, and a thorough examination of the case is needed to help understand the course of treatment. At Expressions Dental, we are available to treat most dental issues. Whether it be a tooth trauma or a wisdom tooth emergency, please contact us to seek treatment to help alleviate your pain.

Emergency Dental Treatments & Care

The treatment for dental emergencies could be varied and would depend on the dental condition. While a few emergencies could be treated in a single sitting, most of the emergencies may often need treatments that may require multiple sittings.

The efficacy of a treatment is also dependent on your existing oral health. 

A chipped or broken tooth can be saved most of the time. Once you consult your dentist, you would be suggested with the treatment which may either be a filling or a root canal treatment.

Dental Trauma

If you meet with an unfortunate accident that may lead to tooth trauma, it is much recommended to contact your emergency medical dentist as soon as possible if not immediately.

When faced with a trauma your general dentist will first examine the tooth basis on which the course of treatment is undertaken. In some cases, a thorough examination followed by an x-ray will help identify any underlying dental conditions that may need to be attended to before commencing the treatment. At times it may be possible to save the tooth, however, if the chances of that are slim only then your general dentist may suggest a tooth replacement to you. Timely treatment for dental traumas can make all the difference between salvaging the tooth or having to part with it.

Infection Control

 Infections can be in the form of periodontal disease, an abscessed tooth, or any other infection involving the gum or teeth. Periodontal disease can be easily treated by removing the buildup of plaque and calculus if detected early. This is usually done through scaling and root planning. In the initial stages, this along with a solid daily oral-care regimen at home is enough to contain the infection from spreading further. At Expressions Dental our team of professionals is well prepared to treat tooth infections.

Knocked-Out Tooth

An adult tooth that gets dislocated from its socket has a good chance of being restored if quick medical attention (within ten minutes of the incident) is sought. The probability reduces if there is a delay in treatment. This can also have excruciating dental pain so you should get help right away.

Dry Socket

 Treating a dry socket usually involves managing the pain by placing a dressing on the exposed area. This process may get repeated if the pain does not subside in 2-3 days. Patients are also advised to refrain from smoking for at least six weeks. Smoking may interfere with the blood flow to the treated site and delay the healing process.

Trapped Objects

 If a food particle gets lodged in between your teeth, it is recommended to try and remove it using dental floss instead of using a sharp-pointed object like a pin that may cause further damage to your teeth or gums. If floss does not help, consult your dentist. At Expressions Dental it may be possible to dislodge the food particle in a single sitting.

Abscessed Tooth

 Treating an abscessed tooth or any other condition which has decayed the tooth is at times suggested through a root canal treatment. Earlier the only option was to extract the infected tooth. Now, as technological developments have taken place in dentistry, the tooth can be saved through an emergency root canal treatment. The other option can be an emergency tooth extraction in case the tooth is non salvageable. 

Emergency Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment may require more than one sitting for the full procedure. Initially, an opening is made through the crown of the tooth to the pulp. The decayed and rotten pulp is then removed thoroughly to ensure that there is no further spread of infection. Once the pulp is removed the root canal is cleaned, expanded, and shaped. Medications may be placed in the pulp root to remove any remaining germs and prevent the onslaught of further infection. In between the visits to the dentist, a temporary filling may be placed on the crown opening to prevent damage to the tooth. During the last phase of the treatment the temporary filling if any is removed, and the root canal and pulp is cleaned, and a crown is placed on top of the tooth. The reason why a crown is placed is to give a natural and aesthetic look to your smile. The crown is colored in such a manner that it blends in with the rest of your teeth and is difficult to identify by anyone. Short or unhealthy roots may further complicate procedures that involve moving the tooth-like orthodontics. Often an x-ray can help in identifying them. If you are searching for an emergency dental clinic in Calgary, at Expressions Dental our team of general dentists is well equipped to do a root canal procedure. At Expressions Dental the treatment suggested is customized after examining the underlying dental condition of the individual. Each case is unique and therefore the treatment also is suggested after carefully examining each individual and their underlying medical conditions. Our professional team will suggest the treatment after going through the details relating to the case and proceed only once the patient agrees to the suggested treatment.

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"At Expressions Dental, I truly felt the level of professionalism and care. They were very thorough and explained details of what they were doing throughout my appointment. I highly recommend this clinic. - Google Review"
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Ally Shariff
"I have been going to Dr. Gill for years and have always been very very pleased. Dr. Gill really knows what she’s talking about and gives the most gentle shots I’ve ever had. Michelle and Britney have been wonderful assistants and make me feel very welcome. I can actually say I enjoy going to the dentist!. - Google Review"
Jane Lee
"I had a cleaning with the hygienist and it went really smooth.
Dr. Gill was very thorough during the examination. She helped me understand the basics about flossing and brushing. I was really happy with the service I received. - Google Review"
Ryan Dowan

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