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Dental emergencies can occur anytime but our dentists are available. They often take place at times when we are least expecting them. Whether it is a chipped tooth or an emergency tooth extraction, our team of dentists and hygienists at Expressions Dental are available to help you cope with your dental emergency. Seeking professional help amid an emergency is the wisest decision one can take to minimize both physical and financial discomfort. Please call us at +1 (403) 252 7733 or e-mail us at We can also bill your insurer as long as we can verify your coverage, or can help facilitate 0% financing making the process much less painful. Being an emergency dentist Calgary may sound like a specialization but we are general dentists and provide all dental services. Emergency Dentist Calgary | Expressions Dental™ For your dental emergency in Calgary or nearby areas please reach out to us.

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Different type of Dental Emergencies that can happen

Accidents may cause severe damage to your teeth and may even result in tooth loss. The course of treatment is offered after examining the extent of the damage. 

A tooth abscess is a bacterial infection resulting in pus accumulation around different regions of the tooth. A throbbing toothache or a sensitive tooth are some symptoms of an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is a dental emergency that needs immediate professional examination as delaying its treatment may be life-threatening. At Expressions Dental, our team of dentists is available to treat this condition.

Food particles may often get trapped in between your teeth. During situations where the food particle cannot be easily removed or becomes painful, dental help maybe required.

A sudden fall or other trauma may lead to a knocked-out tooth. In this case, we recommend preserving the tooth in milk and seeking immediate dental care.

Biting into a hard food-particle may lead to your braces getting damaged or break. Wires protruding from the braces may also lead to discomfort.

Yes, we do look after patients who require root canal therapy. Depending on your condition we maybe able to help you get out of pain and Dr. Palmer focuses his dentistry just towards doing root canal treatments.

When the dental pulp gets diseased, decays, or is traumatized, an emergency root canal is often the recommended treatment. Some people think that an extraction is more preferable to a root canal. Do consult with your dentist to get an in-depth understanding of both procedures.

Infections often occur due to a lack of oral hygiene. Bleeding gums and swelling are some examples of tooth infections that may have catastrophic results if left untreated. 

An accidental tongue or lip bite or any cut to the cheek with excessive bleeding or with signs of infection needs professional intervention.


For such emergencies where the symptoms do not show any signs of subsiding, consulting a dentist is extremely important.

A dry socket is often an unwanted complication that may develop after a tooth extraction. It can be extremely painful. We strongly advise you that you should a dentist and get help.

Toothache is often a symptom of an underlying problem like tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, infected gums, or a damaged filling. Toothaches can lead to excruciating pain and an immediate visit to a dentist is recommended for a toothache emergency.

Poor oral hygiene, wear and tear or trauma may lead to crowns or fillings getting dislodged. If such a thing happens, please contact your dentist immediately.

Any other condition which may lead to pain or inflammation could be an emergency. Reaching out to your dentist is recommended.

At Expressions Dental we are well prepared to treat cases that require an emergency tooth extraction and help you with tooth replacement.


Treatment Options

The treatment for each condition will vary from person to person, and a thorough examination of the case is needed to help understand the course of treatment. At Expressions Dental, we are available to treat most dental issues. Whether it be a tooth trauma or a wisdom tooth emergency, please contact us to seek treatment to help alleviate your pain.

What Our Patients Have to Say!

"At Expressions Dental, I truly felt the level of professionalism and care. They were very thorough and explained details of what they were doing throughout my appointment. I highly recommend this clinic. - Google Review"
Ally Shariff
"I have been going to Dr. Gill for years and have always been very very pleased. Dr. Gill really knows what she’s talking about and gives the most gentle shots I’ve ever had. Michelle and Britney have been wonderful assistants and make me feel very welcome. I can actually say I enjoy going to the dentist!. - Google Review"
Jane Lee
"I had a cleaning with the hygienist and it went really smooth.
Dr. Gill was very thorough during the examination. She helped me understand the basics about flossing and brushing. I was really happy with the service I received. - Google Review"
Ryan Dowan

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